Umvubu is back on the uMngeni River

Umvubu is back on the river 2 days a week to clear invasive plants on the north bank - 4 man days in all.  Thanks to Servochem for the sposnsorship.  Chris Hoare took the picture of Ian Nicholson, L B Ngcobo, Rosemary Harrison, Muzikababa Mbele, Basil Vezi and Margaret Burger giving the Umvubu fig / Ficus lutea a great big hug!!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you for all the great work in keeping the Umgeni in a beautiful state! I really miss my drive to work, and home again, which took me along the river. It gave me great joy being able to spot birds and just being able to see the bird life from ones car, i thought was amazing! Thank you! I appreciate all that has been done!


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