Black Egret at Blue Lagoon Model Yacht pond | 28 January 2012

Thanks to Reinette van Rooyen for the pictures.  However these were taken in Kruger and not at Blue Lagoon.  We do have a witness to Bart Fokken's claim that he spotted a Black Egret in the model yacht pond at Blue Lagoon on the uMngeni River recently.

Bart's email:

Good day Bird lovers

On Saturday morning (28 January 2012) at 6am before going canoeing I spotted a Black Egret on the western end of the Model Yacht at the uMngeni Estuary.
Yes very special as it was my first ever sighting that I can recall.
It was doing its' typical hunting behaviour, spreading it's wings like a hood, ducking its' head down and looking for prey whilst disturbing the water with its' feet. It would then scurry along, hood itself for 5- 10 seconds then scurry along again.
It was a fantastic sighting here on our doorstep of this uncommon bird.
Unfortunately no camera with me but both my kids and a few other paddlers saw it too after I pointed it out to them.
A really fascinating sight, seeing the bird hunt.

Today, I saw the Osprey as well as a Marsh Harrier (first time for me, between the foot bridge and the N2)


Bart Fokkens


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