Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Table Mountain Guards her Rivers

Table Mountain Guards her Rivers

“Mkhambathini”, as it was known to local tribesmen is a 960m high flat topped wedge shaped prominence towering over the confluence of the uMgeni and uMsundusi Rivers - silent, majestic and fascinating. It's east facing craggy cliff wall looms over the Umgeni River roughly opposite Nagle Dam. The West face overlooks a wide sweep of the uMsunduzi valley. At the Northern end of that cliff wall is a gentler slope where a cattle track winds from the valley floor to the long green waving grass crowning the open summit. From the middle of the flat wedge of its plateau, a small stream gurgles and sparkles its way to the Southern rock face. Just before plunging down the abyss in a misty waterfall, it disappears down a narrow crevice in the sandstone. Looking up from the base, the crystal water appears to gush out of the very rock face itself, somewhat below the precipice - really quite magical.  From the boulders at the base of the cliff face the water hurries and chuckles through the wooded slopes to join its new master, the uMsundusi.

Ed Spalding for the uMngeni River Walk blog

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