uMngeni River Estuary in 1927

After 1927 Floods
This is the uMngeni River Estuary. Look in the top left-hand corner. Are those Mangroves or Scrub Vegetation? It also looks like a lot of residences there too. It looks like some got washed away in The Floods. Do you know that road closest to the sea? Is it the precursor of the M4? The Bridge in the foreground is the precursor to the current Athlone Bridge.

Author: Rosemary Harrison


  1. Hello fellow conservationists. Are you aware of the development of the Beachwood golf course into approximately 300 residential units. This area feeds the mangroves with water and one feeder river is earmarked for canalization. If there are any mangrove/hydrological experts on this forum please may you contact me to discuss the potential effects of this development on the mangrove ecosystem. I can be contacted on


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