Visit to Pebble Grove Friday 12 April at 10.00 am to view dune rehabilitation of beach front area | Umhlanga

We are able to accommodate a few more interested people to come this Friday 12 April at 10.00 am  to a visit to Pebble Grove to view dune rehabilitation of beach front area, Umhlanga.  

Trevor Edwards and residents at Pebble Grove 42 Marine Drive have started a process of restoring the forest community of the dunes which separate their complex from the beach and ocean.

Liz Scott has been assisting them in this process and has kindly facilitated a visit to the project.

The purpose of this meeting is to share knowledge, view the project and to network with the aim of broadening  the vital work that is being undertaken in this sensitive area.

We hope that you will be able to join us on Friday  at 10.00 am to view the considerable work that has been achieved to date.

Liz Scott writes “The body is called Park to Park and comprises of most of the complexes between Eastmoor Park and Sea View Park. They have worked together to rehabilitate the dunes after high seas caused destruction a few years ago.    It was necessary  to protect the base of the dunes and to try and re-establish fore dunes.   I don't know exactly when they started but it has taken a few short years to see an enormous change.   Trevor has photos of what it was like before. Work continues still and the  efforts have brought about a great awareness of the necessity to continue protecting the dunes.”

We would be thrilled if you would be able to join us. Please call Margaret on 0836305380