International Coastal Clean Up | uMngeni Estuary Durban | 21 September 2015

International Coastal Clean Up | uMngeni Estuary Durban | 21 September 2015

Each year we participate in cleaning the north bank of the uMngeni estuary on the International Coastal Clean Up Day.  This is our conservancy area, from Connaught in the west to the Beachwood Mangroves.  The Trail below the cycle path was the cleanest we have seen in a long time.  Thanks to all who participated and helped clean up.  Emmanuel Dlomo cleans 5 days a week with funds we receive from recycled paper in the 3 Mpact igloos placed at the Hypermarket by the Sea.  Saturday was cold and rainy but some hardy souls turned up!

From right to left, Reinette van Rooyen with cut finger, Lynne Murray, Veerle Fereday and Denise Tsouris.

Hebert Chamane on a misty morning on the trail

Cordia caffra in flower

A view of the Cordia Caffra and the estuary

Closer view of the Cordia Caffra

Young Pigeon wood, Trema orientalis and Strelitzia nicolai framing the view

Estuarine view from the north bank on Riverside Road

Hebert Chamane locates a fish trap and more close to the storm water outlet

Rain mans the river's ecoli levels increase due to roads and
drains being washed clean after a long dry period.  The petroleum smell was strong
 and  visible on the surface.  This is the Thames Road storm water drain.

View towards the Indian Ocean and Athlone Bridge

View westwards towards Connaught Bridge

Harpephyllum caffrum.  We saw a few specimens being debarked.  

Tree labels still attached!

Thanks Rosemary Harrison and the Scouts who cleaned up opposite the uMngeni River Bird Park

A happy river the next morning!


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